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Show Me The Father by The Kendrick Brothers

Enjoy the trailer and join me below for my review!

Right off the bat I want to let you know I am a fan of the Kendrick Brothers. I have enjoyed each of their films from their first Flywheel to Show Me The Father. Each has told a unique story and been well done. Flywheel, their first film, was better than most beginner’s work, yes the types of cameras show because, well budgets, but the storyline is always far more important in a film. If the quality was not there it would have never turned into their breakout film Facing The Giants, which is now considered a classic football film. As their skill has grown, and budgets as well, we can see that the cinematography has gotten better but most importantly the brothers have kept their integrity and focus on God changing lives.

The film I am reviewing today is Show Me The Father and is the first documentary the brothers have made. This is a good film and I really was blessed watching it. We get to hear powerful true father stories (how their father influenced them and how they are being influential fathers) and wisdom from fathers like Jim Daly
(Focus on the Family), Sherman Smith, Stephen Kendrick, and Dr. Tony Evans. God has used these men to mentor many other men to become the best fathers they can be. And it is not easy being a godly father, especially in today’s world. Standing for principle will cause the world to assail you and do its best to destroy your family and what you are building.

Making a documentary is very different than filming a regular drama. Documentary films can suffer from pacing issues because there is mostly people sitting around and talking. I was never bothered by the pacing in this film. It held my attention well both in how it went between the interviewees and how the stories were weaved together creating an overall flow and narrative. With the Kendrick Brothers being regular drama filmmakers they do have the mandatory dramatic twist and reveal. I am not going to give any hints or spoilers but I will say this, the twist is a God thing and Praise The Lord, He still does miracles.

Show Me The Father is a film your whole family needs to see together. There is something for everyone.

Get your tickets today and join me at the theater beginning September 10th!