Anthem Lights – The Band

I enjoy listening to Anthem Lights sing so much. They do wonderful Christian music but also some amazing covers.

One of my favorites is their, (aff) The Cross Medley: Jesus Paid It All / The Old Rugged Cross. I love the way the guys harmonize. And nothing beats the classics when it comes to Christian music. Be sure and check my favorite album of theirs: Hymns Medleys. And the last old school gospel I have for you:
How Great Thou Art (Acapella).

They also have fun with doing cover songs here is one that are a blast: We all need friends right and here is the ultimate Friend Medley: Stand by Me / Lean on Me / Time After Time / I’ll Be There for You.

And finally, How about some love? Take a listen to: Can’t Stop the Feeling / This Is What You Came For.

There are so many more that I enjoy but I don’t want to just put together a list I want to tell you about the new cartoon!!

A Show About Anthem Lights – The cartoon, of course!

PureFlix has partnered with Sony Pictures’ Affirm studio to produce a cartoon about the day-to-day travails of life in a boyband, a Christian boyband at that.

The show premiers on January 12, 2022, exclusively on PureFlix. The show will be funny and show a bunch of adventures all while SINGING, of course. Here is a link to the press release.

As the series progresses, I will be doing revies and put links to them here.

I am excited to see and hear this show.